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Oldies But Goodies Bundle

Oldies But Goodies Bundle
15 EUR
For a cheap price and a limited time, get the one copy of each pre 2018 regular releases that are still in stock. Each bundle contains 5 vinyl 7"s :

  • SOW-004 : One copy of The Hussy EP 7" - red or clear edition
  • SOW-005 : One copye of the Ouzo Bazooka Mermaid Man/Dog Fight 7" - green or blue edition
  • SOW-006 : La Secte du Future 7" - space blue or sun red edition
  • SOW-007 : Medicine Boy 7" - cyan or magenta edition
  • SOW-008 : Os Noct├ámbulos - green or orange edition

For each release, the color will be randomly chosen. If you want specific colors, ask for them when you order.